Banana & Chikoo Milkshake

SONY DSCAs the summers slowly creep in the markets are flooded by chikoo’s. A chikoo is one of my all time favorite fruits. The small brown fruit may not look very attractive but it is very delicious and sumptuous. With high calorie content this is a fruit that will give you energy almost immediately and take care of the sugar needs of the body. It is also a rich source of dietary fiber, antioxidant tannin, vitamins A and C and also minerals like potassium, copper and iron.
A banana is another fruit that has very high energy content. It can immediately give the body immediate energy serge and is thus mostly consumed as “peel and eat”. A banana is a source of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fats. It is known as a “Power House” fruit.
Thus a combination of milk, banana and chikoo as breakfast is the best combination that will give energy for the long day ahead and the delicious taste will also satisfy the taste palate.
SONY DSCBanana Chikoo Milkshake :-
Notes :
•You can leave out the sugar and add later if needed. You can also substitute it with honey or brown sugar.
•I usually add bournvita or boost (chocolate flavour) as it gives an added taste to the milkshake. You can leave it out if you want.
Bananas 2 medium
Chikoos 5-6
Sugar 1-2 tsp (according to taste)
Bournvita/ Boost (Chocolate flavour) 1 tbsp
Cold Milk 1 ½ glasses
•Peel and chop the bananas and chikoos roughly and add to the mixer jar.
•Add in the cold milk, bounvita/boost and 1 tsp sugar.
•Mix well. Now taste the milkshake and add the additional sugar if necessary.
•Pour into long glasses and relish.
Serves : 2-3
SONY DSCEnjoy ! ! !

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